You Think You Think

Thinking is the hardest work there is – which is probably the reason why so few engage in it – Henry Ford

We all think we think all the time. In a way that’s true but for me it was the quality of my thinking that had to change.

They say we have 6000 thoughts per day – 5999 of those are about sex for us guys! Just kiddin’ it’s all 6000!

Humans Have More than 6,000 Thoughts per Day, Psychologists Discover

I was spending so much time on autopilot – my subconscious doing all my thinking for me. The reason I was getting the same results in my life and business is that I was not thinking, really thinking – so I have made changes.

Thinking is hard work, Henry Ford was right. If I was having 6000 autopilot thoughts a day I have learned to reduce that to 5990 autopilot thoughts and 10 worthwhile thoughts.

A pathetic number, but this is still a work in progress and those 10 worthwhile thoughts have made a huge difference in my life and career.

  • Paying attention to and controlling those 10 worthwhile thoughts keeps me focused and on track with my goals. There are certain tasks I need to accomplish each day to move toward my goals. My automatic thinking would say to me “you have been doing these tasks for 10 days now and you are not seeing any results, there is no point continuing”. I see that thought coming at me and I drill down and tell myself the truth “If I am going to accomplish the goals I have set then I need to complete these tasks day in, day out, until they become a habit”. This is thinking into my results!
  • Controlling my thoughts reduces my anxiety. When I really do think I remind myself that anything is possible. That nanosecond before my next thought is loaded with potential, so I need to be careful with it. As soon as I have attached and committed to that thought that potential is gone. Someone asked me recently if they could interview me on their podcast. The nervous me who would not want to hear his own voice on a podcast would have said no in a millisecond. But this time I saw that thought for the nonsense that it was and caught myself and my actual thought became “being a guest on this podcast would be good for business, someone, somewhere might find value in what you say. Plus nobody likes the sound of their own voice on recording so get on with it”! I said yes to the podcast interview.
  • Real thinking allows me to see the truth versus the lies and nonsense my brain feeds me when I am on autopilot. There are things in my subconscious that hinder me. Perhaps they were told to me by parents, a teacher or someone in authority when I was young and they have attached like a bad smell! My dad would always tell me to sleep on a decision before making it, see how it looked in the morning. I am not saying this is always bad advice but that “life lesson” that my father thought I needed has paralyzed me in some instances these past few years and I have missed some golden opportunities in life and work. When I really think into a situation I can weigh up my clarity of thought and my gut instinct and make faster, better decisions.

I came across a FREE VIDEO TRAINING series on YouTube – let’s face it I have watched everything on Netflix twice since lock-down so I started to spend more time on YouTube.

Old me would have breezed past these videos as a) they were free which is suspicious and b) videos to start my own online business – that too is suspicious – who starts their own online business based on a free video series?? Thousands of people John which is why you have been left in their dust and you got some serious catching up to do!

I signed up for the FREE VIDEO TRAINING.

It was 4 free videos with no commitment afterward but what I found was a treasure trove of resources.

Previously I could browse the web, send an email and do most of my banking online but I never thought I could build my own website or have my own online business.

This is where my new thinking and mindset kicked in. I was open to learning something new and setting aside all the preconceived ideas I had of the internet, online businesses and my abilities.

If you are curious about starting your own online business but feel that you don’t know where to start then can I suggest you be open minded to sign up for the same FREE VIDEO TRAINING that I did. If you find they are not for you there is no commitment and you can just unsubscribe.

I think you will be impressed by the resources being offered and the no hoopla way in which the ideas and videos are presented.

I have dragged my sorry carcass into the 21st Century – you can too with a change of mindset and the click of this button below.

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