What you need to know to write your own paycheques during and after this pandemic. How to target every Tom, Dick and Harriet and their smartphone.

The smart phone is making us stupid but it is also the biggest technological advancement of the last decade.

Everybody has a wickedly fast computer in their pocket or their purse – able to surf the web at high speed, send messages back and forth to the other side of the world in a millisecond and can buy everything from diapers to Teslas without ever entering a bricks and mortar building! The world has changed and is changing still.

Why do smartphones make us stupid ? I just walked home from work at 3.15pm as school was out. I caught up to and passed a 7 or 8 year old kid. I was walking behind him, his hood was up and his head was down as he crossed driveways and side roads without paying attention. As I passed him his little kid hands were holding a massive smartphone and that is where his attention was. So much for the old street crossing adage “stop, look and listen”.

Then I am approaching a crosswalk and I am behind a lady pushing someone, awkwardly in a wheelchair. The only reason it was awkward is that she was using both hands to control the wheelchair but her neck was cricked to the side holding a phone between her ear and her shoulder.

Finally there is a construction guy controlling foot traffic around a construction site with a stop and go handheld sign. As soon as he flips one side to the other he is looking down at this phone and looks up 30 seconds or so later to flip the sign again!

It is the way of the world – smartphones are here to stay and I shouldn’t bitch and whine – it’s not like I am the perfect smartphone owner. Why I sleep with my smartphone by my pillow I have no idea. I gotta turn this thing off at night.

We are living in the digital age. Everything is going to become more high tech and automated. Self driving cars, automated checkouts at the grocery store, check in kiosks at airports. Banks have been depleting their employee numbers for years now. Human interactions are becoming less and less common at a number of big businesses.

The pandemic has decimated some industries and some demographics harder than others.

A.I and technology will be taking away more and more jobs over the next decade or two. There will not be enough jobs being created and it is a scary prospect.

We can either be terrified of the future or embrace it.

We know that the digital age is here and buying habits of the next generations will mostly be online. I feel bad for main street brick and mortar stores but again we have progressed and everyone including them needs to adapt.

I have adapted. No, I am adapting. I am learning new digital skills. I fully intend on embracing the changes of the digital age and making my new career as a digital entrepreneur.

The deeper I dig the more I can see that the online business opportunities even for an old fart like me are huge. Technology is becoming friendlier and I have been able to learn huge amounts of new skills over this past couple of months.

I want to write my own paycheques. I want to work from where I want (after lockdown) when I want and with who I want. The online entrepreneur lifestyle allows people to design their own life and that is what excites me most. I am not afraid of hard work but I want to work on my own terms.

How do you feel about your future? Do you view it with dread and trepidation or does the new digital opportunities excite you?

They are at your fingertips, you just need to reach out and take them. Take the plunge, believe in yourself, back yourself. If you’re gonna take a bet then bet on yourself.

If you have read this far then I know that you are one of those select people who will click below and receive the FREE TRAINING VIDEOS and be excited by them. You will run with what you learn and you will write your own paycheques.

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