The lock-down of the world’s economy has been very tough on those young adults who may have been living at home with their parents already or due to the lock down circumstances had to move back in with their parents.

What avenues of opportunity can you guide a young adult towards in this ever changing day and age?

Young adults that may find themselves stuck in a ‘deadend’ job just to make ends meet.

It can be frustrating for parents, like me to have an adult child living back at home, having no real direction in life, with their eyes constantly on their phone.

The education system needs to drag itself into the 21st century. It is not equipping our kids for the world they are finding themselves in after school.

Our kids are living in the digital revolution years and our education system does not do enough to prepare them for the outside world of business and careers.

It leaves our young adults frustrated and stressed. This lock down is only making things worse for them – draining them of hope and making them wonder if their dreams will ever come true.

Most young adults have had enough of this lock down life. They are done with getting up late, lounging around the house all day with no direction in life and not knowing what they want to do with themselves.

They need to realize that this is a very exciting time to be their age. Opportunities online are right at their fingertips and all they need to do is know where to look and apply themselves.

Which is where we, the parents come in!

What is the greatest FREE GIFT that we can give to our adult kids living at home with us?

A FREE GIFT that gives them access to the world that they already play and live in – the digital world.

A FREE GIFT that will teach them the skill of sales and marketing. Being their own boss.

Making some money to contribute to that weekly grocery bill that you have been footing! Maybe even pay some rent! Who knows, maybe I will see a pig flying above my house too.

Talk with your adult children and discuss how even though times are hard right now there are many opportunities out there.

How important it is for them to put this time of being in lockdown to good use. Take this time to learn new skills so they can come out of lockdown running not crawling.

Discuss with them how good it will feel to have focused and progressed through a learning curve and the excitement and pride they will feel owning their own business and being independent.

Even though they are adults, they are young adults. We need to reassure them that, yes, this Covid 19 pandemic is lasting a long time but this too shall pass. The world and life is not over.

Yes, things will look different on the other side of this pandemic. Those that can adjust to change will come out of this stronger.

What better age to be right now than a young adult who can adapt quicker than an old dog like me? How exciting to be a young adult – right here, right now!

Learn new skills. Learn new skills that will give you independence, that open up possibilities, that excite you.

I did and now I am encouraging my adult kids to do the same. Online businesses are still in their infant stages in the big scheme of things.

Online businesses are not going away. More and more people will be setting up businesses online and more and more people will be buying online.

Whether it is online sales and marketing, e-commerce or online services, the opportunities are endless and amazing.

Believe me I have been through it. I chose this amazing FREE GIFT that is available to your kids too – heck it is available to you. Maybe you start a family business – each bringing a unique set of talents to your business.

This is not a get rich quick scheme! They do not exist. This FREE GIFT is straightforward with no commitments – perhaps your adult child will like the FREE GIFT and want to learn more or maybe none of this is for them. But you and your kids owe it to yourselves to find out.

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