What can you do if you feel stuck in a rut? Too nervous to make changes. Feel the timing is not right at your time of life. Call it B.S and read on and click that button.

I turned 45 and it hit me. 5 years from 50, I am not where I thought I would be in life – I want to make changes but change is hard. My retirement account is empty! Maybe it’s best I stick with the status quo and keep my good job for another few years.

Keep my good job. It is a good job but it is a job. Trading my time for money. Go to work, get paid – don’t go to work don’t get paid.

Monday get there at 6.30am. Work till 3 or 4pm.

Tuesday do the same

Wednesday “hump day” but do the same

Thursday repeat

Friday TGIF but same old same old.

Week in week out. Living the rat race. Being just satisfied. Being grateful for a job. Being too scared to make any changes.

That was 3 months ago.

Maybe lock down got me thinking about life, about the fragility of it all.

I thought about what I really wanted. What I really, really wanted in life and work.

I want the freedom of time. To do what I want when I want.

I want the freedom of location. To work from wherever I want.

I want the freedom of choice. To work today or not to work today.

So you see I want freedom. I don’t mind work, in fact I enjoy working and being busy but I am tired of the rat race, the 9-5 and the ceiling of being an employee.

I scanned google and YouTube for businesses I could run from home, no employees and had huge demand now and in the future.

I struck gold. I found a FREE VIDEO SERIES from an absolutely amazing resource.

After watching the FREE VIDEOS I signed up and joined this amazing community I am telling you about.

It is affordable, it is no hype and loaded with resources and ideas. It is very exciting for me to be part of.

If you want to make a change but you are stuck in a rut and think it is better to stay safely in your job that you don’t really enjoy. If you feel that you are not the right age to be making drastic changes in your life. YOU ARE NOT alone.

Like I told you I had those same feelings. I am making these changes but still have my day job until I replace my income.

You deserve to take a look. This one click of a button could be, just could be, what you have been waiting for.

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