The World Economic Forum says….

50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025, as adoption of technology increases, according the the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report.

With an ever changing economy thanks to advancements in technology, AI and machine learning (maybe they are the same thing) and at the forefront of it all right now the pandemic known as Covid which has changed lives for us all – black or white, rich or poor the world has changed.

I am 46 and I have had to make changes in my life which I started on my 45th birthday and a lot of those changes relate to the list below thanks to some books and websites that I started reading when I realized that if the second half of my life was going to be any good based on my dreams and goals, changes have to be made.

You can take a look at the list yourself. I am not the sort of person that would or could take on the whole list of 10 but I will briefly chat about the 3 that I am working on.

Active Learning and Learning Strategies

I needed to unlearn everything I thought I knew about success and business. Business methods and thinking that had been passed down to me from my father were obsolete – by no means his fault, but we all as parents want to pass down our wisdom and knowledge to our kids.

The problem is that that knowledge and wisdom is mostly irrelevant. Even more so today with the speed of change. I have honest conversations with my 4 kids who age from 24 down to 16 and ask them to forget all I have told them about careers, business, economies etc. Even I know during this unlearning process of my own that my views on such things even a year ago are irrelevant today.

At the end of last year I began to dig deeper. In my entrepreneurial journey I have operated nursing homes and a swimming pool construction company – “brick and mortar” type businesses.

I never kept up with or really had much interest in technological advances. It didn’t interest me. But now it is different.

I am tired of the 9-5 rate race that I have been part of these past 8 years and I have a much different vision of how I want my life to be, including working from home or anywhere I choose, whenever I choose. I thought this vision was just too unobtainable for me but again I had to “unlearn” what I thought was obtainable, possible and within my reach.

So with my focus on active learning (learning new, unlearning the old) and learning new strategies (I have been devouring books – see other blogs) I have been learning new digital skills in sales and marketing.

Yes this old “bricks and mortar” dog has been learning new digital tricks. My old thinking that this was unobtainable was wrong. Learning these skills is easy and at the end of all of our finger tips.

Creativity, Originality and Initiative

I have always enjoyed writing and communicating. Previously I would start to write something and then re-read it and be so self critical that I never did anything with it.

“I can see why” some of you might be thinking as you read this!

I had to set myself free. I am writing and posting many times a week. Even though I am taking care with my posts I am letting them flow. Checking for grammar and spelling but pressing publish very quickly before I talk myself out of it. Some of my content might be good some may be average but I am freeing myself up to be creative, original and take the initiative to help others. I feel this process will improve my content as I continue this journey.

Social Media and instant non acceptance and criticism of material by haters or keyboard warriors can be a deterrent to putting out content. No doubt I am going to hear from people on this journey that my content is shit. So be it. I am not looking to please, entertain or help everyone. I am looking to engage with you – yes you the one who has made it this far down the blog.

Let your creativity flow. Your ideas are original. Yes we get influenced and inspired by others but turn those into your creative content whatever that looks like.

Be a blogger, be a coach or mentor, sell online. Get it down on a page, publish it and improve it as you go. Block out the noise and find the people online you want to engage with.

There are 8 billion people out there. Thousands want to hear from me and YOU!

Resilience, Stress Tolerance and Flexibility

Now more than ever we need to be resilient. I live on my own in Vancouver, Canada and I have hardly seen a soul in the past 12 months. People I see on the street, I don’t know if they are smiling at me or mouthing profanity under that mask because they hated my last blog post! 🙂

13 months ago if you walked into a bank with a mask on you were arrested and now if you walk in without a mask same result. Like I said things change fast.

I am learning to meditate. I am awful at it but it does help and I am determined to keep it up as I can feel it makes a real difference. A great resource for me learning meditation techniques is a book by Dan Harris.

I learnt from Dan that meditation does not require me to sit in an uncomfortable cross legged position for hours making humming noises. We all find our own meditation methods and I have found mine thanks to this book. My good meditation sessions currently lasts about two and a half minutes before my mind wanders to the obscure, unrepeatable parts of my mind.

I try and improve my meditation length by 10 seconds or so a week. Yes pathetic, but I have so much old garbage and noise in my head, most of it interrupting telling me how pointless meditation is for a guy like me. I need to dig deeper – my mind always criticizes the “guy like me” but I don’t know what “like me” is! Hmmm this is a Sunday thinking project.

Meditation helps with my stress levels but so does the art of gratitude. You will see from other blogs that I practice the art of gratitude as much as I can – I am new to this journey too so I don’t claim to be an expert in any of this stuff but I do know that I have transformed from a cynical old bugger who would never had thought about meditation, voicing his gratitude aloud, posting content or videos and definitely, I mean DEFINITELY not downloading FREE VIDEO TRAINING I found surfing the net. Tell any of my 4 kids that I downloaded videos and they will tell you they think I have lost my marbles and how did I do it without their help?

But I have changed – changed my mindset, my thought processes, my attitudes. I have unlearned or am unlearning how I thought things should be done. I want to be hugely successful. I have “my ideal day” mapped out in my head – I don’t want my “ideal day” to be one or two days a year when I am on vacation from my 9-5 rat race day job. I want the opportunity to live my ideal day every day.

I am heading there and I am getting there. It is not easy I am still in the rat race and having to do a lot of learning and typing in the evenings and on the weekends. But it is that resilience and flexibility with my time that is going to lead to success.

I am going to win and be hugely successful or die trying. I will NOT sit there in my 80’s wondering what could have been.

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