If you find yourself frustrated with the 9-5 mundane management job you are in and want more money, more time and more independence then the following message is for you and URGENT!

I realized at 46 year old, in an $85K a year management job that I was miserable and unfulfilled.

So I have been thinking hard these last few days why I really did walk away from a secure bi-weekly pay cheque into the uncertain world of self employment and having my own online business.

If you can bear with me the following is what I scribbled down in a 10 minute deep dive last night into what I was thinking. This is literally what the page looks like except the original is in my scribble:-

I am 46 years old

I have a management level career

My income is $85k per year

I am getting by but I want more…

More money

More time for hobbies

More freedom of schedule ( I guess I meant work when I want to work, take a day or two off whenever etc.)

I am tired of the world doom and gloom

Tired of still living pay cheque to pay cheque

Tired of the price of everything going up but not my income (gas, food, hydro, etc)

I have always had the heart of an entrepreneur

I feel like I had missed the “internet success train”

I want to treat to my adult kids to nice things

I want that car that I have always dreamed about (the uncomfortable, unreliable, heart pumping Alfa Romeo 4C 🙂 )

I want to pad my retirement account ( that is what I wrote but I don’t have a retirement account so it should have read – start and fund a retirement account PDQ!! )

I want to impress my kids with my success

I am concerned for my adult kids futures – where do I direct them to find success for themselves?

I want to work on things that excite me and engage me

I want choices – work when I want, where I want, on what I want.

That was my scribble last night.

These are the reasons why 4 months ago I got out of the safety net of my 9-5 day job and learned to be an online entrepreneur.

A must read for any budding entrepreneur or idea man!

Terrifying yes especially as I had no digital or internet skills to speak of. Yes I could do some online banking, surf the web and all the basics but I when it came to anything technical I was a dunce!

I scoured the web for the ideal business to start from scratch.

  • No “get rich quick schemes”
  • No 22 year old in a Ferrari telling me I can make $10k in 24 hours
  • No ra ra ra ! Hype videos that I could not follow
  • Something legitimate that I could build
  • Something that could be started with my meager free cash flow

I believe I found it! I came across a guy called Mike who was offering Free Training Videos for a guy just like me, where I was in life and what I was looking for. Reluctantly I clicked and had those 4 Free Training Videos sent to my email.

They ticked everyone of those concerns above. This was not a get rich quick scheme. The guy delivering the message is absolutely amazing and straight to the point with no B.S. I was excited that I, at 46 years old with no skills, could have my own online business.


So I decided to back myself and invest in me and I joined this amazing resource and within one month I had my own website set up, sales funnels and access to over 10,000 hours of online training in every area of the internet you can imagine.

This is legitimate, this is freeing and this is life changing.

All I needed to do was invest some time, stick to the process and be open to learning new skills – all this I could do and I continue to do.

This is the ideal opportunity for anyone like me if they are looking for a change or want to become more financially independent or have freedom.

If you don’t like the FREE TRAINING VIDEOS you just discard them and move on – there is no ongoing commitment.

If any of those reasons that I listed above for making a change for myself resonate with you then these videos and this resource could be just what you need to see.

If you are just getting by and are tired of it. If you are fed up of living pay cheque to pay cheque. Do you want more time for hobbies? Golf, hiking, fishing, stamp collecting – absolutely anything! Do you just want to make more money?

Then stop wanting, wishing and waiting and take the step toward financial and time freedom.

If a 46 year old, technology dunce like me can do it I assure you that you can too!

I GUARANTEE you that I have done all the legwork and the deep dive investigation to find a legitimate resource. All you need to do is take the plunge and invest some time to watch these 4 amazing videos that could change your life.

Today is DAY 1 – you can do this.

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