Frustrated by a Dumb-ass Tweeter !

OMG I read a tweet today that has just bugged me all day since reading it.

Starbucks is closing three hundred stores in Canada. It is in the news right now locally as a number of our Vancouver locations are closing down.

“The Seattle-based coffeehouse and roastery chain announced the acceleration of its five-year “transformation strategy” last year as it responded to changes in consumer habits during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Starbucks is an amazing company whether you enjoy their “boujee” lattes or not.

They are a forward thinking company and adjusting sensibly and quickly to change in customer habits due to the Covid pandemic and the economy as a whole.

I want to have business that is growing, profitable and huge yet still able to adjust and pivot when needed.

I read a tweet today from a Vancouverite which read as follows:

“It never ceases to amaze me how dumb companies are. They spent MILLIONS and went nuts on new stores to close them? The shortsightedness and waste is staggering”.

The shortsightedness of Starbucks is staggering?? FFS…

1. They are successful enough to put a coffee shop on every corner in the world and yes each store is millions to set up.

2. Yes when the environment was right they built, built and built more.

3. When things changed with the economy, the lock-down, with customer buying habits they pivoted like a nimble sole proprietorship.

How can adjusting to a new normal be shortsighted. This person with this idiotic tweet is the one who needs a visit to the optometrist.

Yes there will be some empty stores when Starbucks leaves them but high street / main street retail stores are a casualty of this pandemic lock down.

What a story – a multi billion company being nimble and changing on the fly to assure future success.

What an ignorant, idiotic tweet by this Vancouverite.

I will not let this type of closed thinking creep into my world. I am in the process of “unlearning” everything I thought was “how business should be done”.

I have completely gone against the grain. I know that Covid and lockdown has changed everything from how we live, how business is done and how we drink coffee!

Which is why I clicked yes a couple of months ago to receive 4 FREE TRAINING VIDEOS.

I know that we are in the digital revolution. Online business is the way of the future. AMAZON just had a $160 billion quarter. That’s 160 BILLION in a 3 month period.

ONLINE is the way.

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