Family Emergency = Laptop Lifestyle Gratitude

How has this pandemic taken its toll on you? I hope your biggest stress has been the inconvenience of the lockdown and that you have not suffered any Covid related health issues, the loss of a job or god forbid a death related to the virus!

Up until last week my only issue was the inconvenience of the lockdown itself – not being able to travel, eat out as much as I like to – just minor inconveniences until a week ago last Wednesday! 

Wednesday 24th February 2021 at 4.47 am – my cell phone rang.

“Have you heard about Sean”? I have changed the name for the sake of our family but we will call my youngest 22 year old son, Sean, for the purposes of this blog.

It was my ex wife calling and she had texted our youngest son very early that morning with a link to something she had found interesting on the web. Unusually and to her surprise he was awake at that time of day and informed her he was in the emergency room of the local hospital.

She lives 9 hours from him by car and I am 4 hours away.

I won’t go into the reasons why he was in the emergency room that morning but it was serious stuff. 

That mornings call was the sort of phone call that every parent dreads no matter the age of your children. After a couple more back and forth texts between me and his mum she was heading to her local airport and I was booking a rental car to go to him.

Our son spent a week in hospital and 2 of those days he was in the ICU!

We have been through an awful, gut wrenching, grey hair producing week.

Now my ex-wife, my son and his siblings are living back together as a family unit in the house that she and I jointly own. What a whirlwind week and a half and the ride is continuing until we put a solid plan in place going forward.

Now I am starting to see the wood for the trees I am going to ease myself back into work next week.

I am grateful that the Laptop Lifestyle allows me to be flexible. Of course nothing could have or would have stopped me from being here to aid my son over the last week and a half and I will be staying here with him and the family for the unforeseeable future.

A working lifestyle where I can work on what I want, when I want from where I want has made the urgent family emergency that much easier to cope with. I have not worked on anything marketing-wise since a week ago Wednesday and I do not need to jump back in urgently. But as it is something I enjoy and we are now through the worst of that awful situation I am excited to get back to it.

Times like these put life into perspective. Even after a stint in the ICU we are grateful our son is still here to share time and a life with.

Thank god for modern medicine and technology. More than anything thank you to front line paramedics, nurses and doctors. My family is in your debt!

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