What life gives you back depends on how you show up to life.

Attitude, appearance, passion, honesty and integrity.

It was 1993 and I was 19 years old working for a criminal lawyer in my hometown of Hastings, East Sussex in the U.K. I had met this lawyer a couple of years prior and as would life would have it another chance meeting when I was 19 I ended up training underneath him at his firm.

One of our duties was to attend the local police station, day or night, to represent our clients who had been arrested. Basically we were there to advise them to remain silent throughout their police interview.

My boss would call me at all hours and say “meet me at the police station”. I would turn up and there he would be in his track pants and sweater, a complete reversal from his high end suits and shoes during the day. I would watch and learn as he represented our clients and interacted with the officers.

About 6 months in he said I was ready to do some representation on my own. It was very exciting and nerve wracking!

It was a Saturday morning around 2.45am when my phone ( which was attached to a cord and plugged into the wall) rang and it was the Hastings police. Representation from our firm was being requested.

I jumped up, threw on my track pants, sweaters, runners and some very large round framed glasses ( I have a photo of those days that haunts me still) and I was off on the 10 minute drive to the police station.

I spent about 20 minutes with my client in his cell, went through the interview and then debriefed with him again after for a while. Then I was ready to go home. I pressed the buzzer and next thing I know a copper is peering at me through the hatch in the door – “I am ready to leave now” said I. His reply “sure you are” and up went the flap.

Stunned I pressed the buzzer a second time and down comes the flap – “just sit tight and don’t make a fuss” he said through the opening and yep up goes the flap.

“But, but, but…” I was hesitant to buzz again but I had to. Except it no longer buzzed. Flap was shut, buzzer was off and I was spending the rest of this night in a cell with a drug lord on the FBI’s most wanted list. Actually I think he had stolen some booze from an off licence (liquor store) but even so this was serious stuff!

During my debriefing session after the interview there had been a change over of staff or the officer that let me in had gone or something, I forget those details this was almost 30 years ago. The new officer looked through the hatch, saw some bozo in a tracksuit and enormous glasses and did not realize I didn’t belong there.

I was released at 7.30am the next morning when my boss came looking for me.

Every time I went to the police station after that first solo mission, day or night, I would get fully dressed with suit, tie and quite expensive shoes and have my pockets stuffed full of business cards.

On my first visit alone I showed up looking unprofessional and I was treated as such.

I suffered a bankruptcy (business and personal in 2007) and I spent 12 years after my bankruptcy showing up to life in a pretty poor way – in return life gave me much of the same that I was putting in.

This past year I have made a conscious effort to show up in life with gratitude – I have found the best “attitude is gratitude”. I have tried to be more passionate about life, opportunities and goals. I try to live my life honestly and with integrity.

I am ultra passionate about what I have found in the FREE TRAINING VIDEOS that I signed up for recently. Life bought this great community of learning and mentors into my life in return for how I have been showing up.

I want to move away from the grind of a 9-5. Why does my alarm go off at 5.15 am so I can be at work for 6.30am? Why am I paying for a house that I see from 5pm to 9pm and then sleep in until that alarm sounds again?

The FREE VIDEO TRAININGS wet my whistle and I signed up to learn more. I now have a host of digital skills and a business that is growing so that the 9-5 days will soon be behind me.

Life is giving me back based on how I have been showing up to life.

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