Do I or did I just have un-diagnosed ADHD, was I naturally lazy or was the 1980’s that wrecked the first half of my life?…

I don’t know where I learnt (is it learnt or learned?) my habit of not sticking to things through to the end.

Certainly not from my parents! They were bricks and mortar nursing home operators for years and stuck to it and made a good go of it.

Perhaps it was my generation – I am 46 I was born in 1974 – were the 80’s and 90’s the turning point for making young men like me into lazy bums? Actually, it is not that I am lazy it is that I get bored if I don’t see results quick enough.

I have dabbled in a few get rich schemes in my past – always being a sucker for the next big thing or so I thought! I wonder how much money I have wasted on stuff like get rich schemes? Shudder 🙁

Well I can’t blame my parents and I can’t blame my generation. I have learnt through different books I have read over the past year or so that I must be accountable for who I am and what I am and at 46 I still have lots of time to change it.

I did start in the world of affiliate marketing about 6 months ago. Not a quick get rich scheme – how do I know that? Well I am still at it 6 months later and I am not rich yet. But it is enjoyable I have to say. Basically I sell other companies’ products through my own website and I get a commission for anything that I sell.

The benefits they talk about such as not requiring any staff, no need for an office and no need to carry bulky inventory are all true! Oh and yes you can make money in affiliate marketing. I am hoping in a few months to start making good money – the 6 figure kind 🙂 

But about 3 months into this business I was willing to walk away as I was not getting any traction. Despite being told by my mentor to give it time ( IT IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME JOHN) I got frustrated with the slowness of taking off.

So I look back now and think how I could have walked away from this affiliate marketing gig and put it down as another failed experiment. For the first time in my life or for as long as I can remember I have stuck to something and it is true that perseverance pays off – hopefully pays off big time soon.

Maybe at 46 I am finally wise enough to see the error of my younger self. If only I knew then what I know now and all that ya know! But I have also learnt there is no point dwelling on the past – thankfully I found this new me at 46 and not 86. Here’s to the second half of my life being a contrast to the first half and here’s to you, my reader, you are obviously persistent because you got to the bottom of this page.

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