Being a parent brings the greatest joy and the greatest fear.

My worst fear – 4.45am this morning my cell phone rings and it is my ex wife, the mother of my 4 kids. Immediate sick feeling.

Have you heard about Ben? She asked, Ben is our 22 year old son, our second oldest of 4. His birthday was just this past Monday.

He is in the emergency room at the hospital back in our hometown – 4 hours drive for me and a 7 hour drive for his mum, my ex-wife.

Ben tried to hurt himself last night, thank god a passerby spotted him and called for help. A few of the world’s amazing first responders have him in their care.

Why has he done this? How can it be so bad that he tried to hurt himself or kill himself? Why did he not reach out to me? I called him on his birthday a couple of days ago. I have not done enough!

Ben is a type 1 diabetic since 2008 when he was 9 years old. He hates the disease as I imagine anyone would.

Covid lock down is bringing him down as it is with a number of people but this is my son! He feels so disincentivized. He cannot leave the house due his compromised health. He has no outlets for his technological talents. He has been wondering what all the point of this is.

I have been doing so well with the changes in my life. Moving away from a 9-5 lifestyle towards more freedom of time and location. This feels like I am being derailed just as I am getting going.

Being there for Ben today will be my biggest focus for the next few days but I know I will come back to posting and blogging.

Today I am not directing you to our FREE TRAINING VIDEOS as I usually do in my posts. The videos that changed my professional life.

Today’s message is folks of all ages, young, old and everything in between – black, white, every race, every religion – be good to yourselves during this challenging time in our world. Pick up the phone and check on those you love and understand that they may be hiding something just like my Ben.

To all of you who serve on the front lines – doctors, nurses, paramedics, healthcare workers,police, fire and everyone we serve and call upon in an emergency – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

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