I was feeling stuck in a rut, living paycheque to paycheque, picturing myself in this rat race for the next 20 years, not being fully happy, definitely not being satisfied and feeling there were really no alternatives.

I spent weeks thinking how I could change things in my personal and professional life. It consumed me for a while but it always came back to too much risk!

My current pay covers my expenses. My expenses are not outrageous by any means. I live in one of the top 3 most expensive cities in the world so I considered that a win. Me living in Vancouver, Canada and my expenses are covered – getting by is my win?!

Vacations possible ? No. Investing for retirement possible ? No. Rainy day fund for unexpected expenses ? No.

Am I really happy, content and excited about life at 46 ? No.

I don’t have spare cash to start a business, buy inventory, rent an office or advertise but I know I want to work for myself again. I was self employed until a bankruptcy in 2007, was self employed on and off again til 2017 but have been an employee the past 4 years.

My mum died at 62 years young. Just starting to slow down in life and she was going to travel with my dad and enjoy the latter years of her life but cancer put an end to that.

Life is too short and whizzes by way too fast to not be happy, content and excited about tomorrow!

So months back I googled “business opportunities work from home”. Also “business opportunities no money required” – you will get some results with that second one but in reality DOES NOT EXIST!

I googled other terms too, I forget what they were but all businesses that I could start myself, low investment, no need for offices, inventory, not MLM and no pyramids thank you.

I read books, changed my thinking and tried, yes tried, to become more open to possibilities and a little less cynical.

I did enjoy this one…

One thing I had never heard of and I came across was this trend known as the “Laptop Lifestyle” – work from where you want, when you want, with who you want and all you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

As with all things internet you type that in and you will find results for the laptop lifestyle from here to to Timbuktu!

I feel that luck or blind luck led me to a legitimate site. More of an ad, surprise surprise and ad on the internet (that’s where the money is) but it talked about the laptop lifestyle and the guy was mentioning all the things that were bringing me down. It was like he was talking to me…

He talked about being stuck in a rut, being in the rat race, in the 9-5 grind, too afraid to make changes.

Okay yes I feel all these things that you speak of but do I really want to click to receive the 4 FREE TRAINING VIDEOS that he was offering? 

Sometimes you gotta be bold, put all cynicism aside and take the plunge which I did. The email came to my inbox with 4 FREE TRAINING VIDEOS to watch.

It was all about digital skills, online business and marketing.

Oh shit what a waste of time – I can just about send an email, browse the web and do my online banking! I am 46 years old and I know nothing about Facegram, Instabook or TikTak except they come in different colours and make my breath fresh.

I have never taken a selfie in a bathroom mirror with my tongue out to the side, I have never done a live feed of my food order at my favourite restaurant and I don’t update my zero followers on social media sites as soon as I have a pimple appear.

This can’t be for me! But hang on – this guy in these videos is very entertaining but also very straight to the point, no b.s and hype and he says that I certainly can have an online business if I want and learning digital skills is actually quite easy and his resource can show me how.

Still a little skeptical, I kept watching and listening. We are in the middle of a year long lock down and people’s buying habits, including mine have definitely all gone online which makes the internet and even more exciting space to do business. Plus all I need is a laptop, an internet connection and a willingness to put time and effort (and a little money) into this!

Between this guy’s real no b.s presentations, where I was in life and what I was looking for and the timing of all things retail being bought online due to covid, spending habits and the death of main street retail I signed up for this guys full course.

The ABSOLUTE smartest decision I have made in a long time. Everything, yes everything he told me in those 4 FREE TRAINING VIDEOS was true.

This ole dog could learn new skills and he did and I am on my way to a laptop lifestyle. I am an Internet Entrepreneur.

This resource has dragged me into the 21st century and I am for the first time in years excited about my future.

I have not quit my day job yet. December 1st 2021, 10 months from now is the goal. Why ? Because you will be relieved to know this is not a “get rich quick scheme” and it is going to take me some time, like all businesses, to get enough traction to quit my 9-5r!

The possibilities that have opened up for me by willing to learn new skills are endless. I can jump into e-commerce (sell my products online) be an affiliate marketer (sell other people’s stuff online) or become a coach, offer an online service or training or or or!

If like me you feel in a rut, tired of the 9-5, accepting where you are because it’s safe but in your heart you really want to make changes then you can.You should!

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