Are you looking for ways to pull your adult kids out of the rut caused by lockdown and free government money? Have they lost all incentive to do anything productive and it is driving you frickin crazy? Me too! Read on….

I am concerned about my 24 year old son. Covid lockdown has completely derailed him and collecting free government money (free for now) has taken away any incentive for him to do anything except play video games or watch sport on t.v.

I doubt he is alone and I don’t really blame him – I have taken it on as my task over the next few months to bring back his zest for life, incentive to work, to be self sufficient and get off his ass.

When folks throw around the notion of universal income for all due to the dwindling amount of jobs coming down the pike thanks to all things Covid, A.I and shrinking economies that just don’t produce jobs anymore, this will be one of the major downsides.

A generation that is paid by the government to live. I see the pros and cons for universal income. In the 21st century we cannot have people living on the poverty line, scraping for food and shelter.

But it will produce a generation who will be happy to sit at home forever collecting their free cheque and not contributing to society in any meaningful way which humans are hardwired to do.

Humans need a purpose. A reason to get up in the mornings. The pride of accomplishing something during their day.

You may well see a shortening of the average lifespan if we go down this road of universal income. Health will decline due to becoming a sedentary population.

But how do we advise and direct our kids? What can we tell them with the extra years of wisdom that we have on them?

I know as freely as that government money is being given out it can be taken away even more quickly without any notice. Here in Canada it is supposed to end in September 2021. To my 24 year old, September seems quite a ways off in the future and he has time to enjoy this forced, paid downtime.

September will be here in the blink of an eye. His free faucet of money could be cut off in a moments notice and unless he has been preparing for that day it is going to be a very difficult time for him.

I need to work on getting through to him that:-

1.This free money can dry up without notice in an instant and he will be left up shit creek without a paddle.

2. He has to change his mindset – put aside all the doom and gloom that we are currently living under and put together a positive plan for himself to prosper and be self sufficient.

3. Even in this doom and gloom age there are plenty of opportunities out there if he wants them and is willing to go after them.

4. He needs to have an attitude of learning new skills and being useful to himself and others. The education system in the western world needs to drag its curriculum into this century and start preparing our young adults for the world they are entering. Until that time, and even if they do, I have learnt that a mentality of continued learning is a necessity for success.

So I am going to come alongside him and mentor him through this. The old me would have shouted and been pissed off at him but that won’t work – plus he is 24 – he is an adult, and does not need to listen to me, so I may as well approach it from a calm, mentoring angle.

He knows that my concern is out of love for him and my wants to see him succeed.

There is also the huge issue for others in his generation of just not enough jobs to go around and that will be disheartening for those that really want to work.

If I can scroll through the web and YouTube and find useful new skills to learn at 46 years old then he definitely can.

I have loved learning the new skills that I have. Setting up my sales funnel, learning about autoresponders, writing content and such. That will seem trivial to a lot of you but that is a huge leap from where I was on the technology spectrum just 3 months ago.

I am now a DIGITAL ENTREPRENEUR and damn proud of it!

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Are you open to learning new skills? Do you have a desire to grow, become self sufficient during pandemics, lockdowns and economic downturns?

Do you want to write your own cheques and grow your wealth? Become as successful as you want to be whatever that looks like for you!

It is all possible! The FREE TRAINING VIDEOS may be just what you are looking for but perhaps you find something else to get you there.

My message is to be curious. Find that thing that lights your fire and can be a life changer for you.

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