Hi everyone my name is John Lusted. I am 46 years old (which is hard to believe as it feels like I was 29 just a few weeks back).

That is the reason I am making this huge change in my life – I cannot believe how  life whizzes by, I am now 46 and if I don’t make changes now and pursue the dreams I have in my head then they are not going to happen. Even making these changes the dreams still may not happen but I refuse to look back in 25 years and wish I had at least tried.

I live in the most beautiful city in the world. Vancouver on Canada’s west coast. I was born and raised in East Sussex in the UK but moved to Canada when I was 20 years old.

My life has not been smooth and not how I had pictured it would be when I was thinking about the future me in my teens. Life took off really fast in my twenties and everything I touched turned to gold – but in my mid 30’s everything I touched turned to shit!

From 1996 to 2004 I did really well in the nursing home business. Yes I was in my early 20’s and operating nursing homes, it had been the family business in the UK. Senior’s care is my passion, I have a knack and a boatload of patience to care for vulnerable people especially seniors. But the nursing home business is a 24/7/365 business, it didn’t leave much time for anything else and by 2004 I had had enough and I sold out and bought a swimming pool construction company which lasted 3 years. I was not good at operating a seasonal pool business or running construction projects with different trades.

The pool company went bankrupt in February 2007. On May 7th 2007 I lost my 62 year old mum to a short battle with cancer and one month later in June we lost the house of our dreams as I had to file for personal bankruptcy.

Fast forward to the year 2020, what a year that turned out to be for everyone but I realized early in 2020 that I had spent 13 years wandering around looking for my entrepreneurial identity. I spent so much time regretting the events of 2007 that I literally was no good to anybody for 13 years. I just barely existed in life and was miserable.

Like I said I cannot believe I am 46 years and my oldest child is 24 and my youngest is 16! If I don’t do something now to move closer to my goals I never will.

I will tell you what started the turnaround for me – a book titled “ The Possibility Principle” by a great guy in New York named Mel Schwartz – I am sure he won’t mind me giving his book a plug on my bio. I have read the book at least 3 times and writing this now reminds me to read it again. His book showed me how I had been terrified of really living for 13 years. I refused to get back into the “flow” of life. No matter how down, depressed and annoyed I was with myself, the world was not going to wait for me to get back on my feet. And the world didn’t and I looked up and I was 46 and miserable.

So welcome to my journey – thanks to Mel’s book (which I encourage you to read) I embraced uncertainty and have plunged into online marketing. That term still makes me cringe a little but again that is just my old way of thinking about things.

At the time of writing this bio in January of 2021 my journey is just beginning. I have committed to taking steps to make my life how I envisioned it years ago in my teens. For me personally it does not need to be a driveaway of Ferrari’s and Bentleys – houses with 14 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms. Success for me is having enough money to live comfortably with all my bills met and money left over for retirement whatever that looks like. I want to be charitable with my money, my time and my resources. So you have met me at the beginning of this new journey – I invite you to follow along and see if I get there. Maybe this bio and journey will resonate with you and others and change is afoot for us. Unless I take massive action in my life I know it won’t happen. I am willing to live and think differently for the next 20 years so I know I tried.

The Possibility Principle by Mel Schwartz was the lifeline I found to breathe new life into the old me. I do not know how I came across Mel’s book over a year ago but I am glad I did so thank you Mel. Thank you to my 4 adult kids, Jake 24, Ben 21, Hannah 20 and Abigail 16 for being there for me – you 4 as young adults are there for me and you all cheer me on and sometimes it feels like our roles are reversed.

It all starts here ……