What is the best business to start so you can retire comfortably, have the freedom of time to create family memories and no longer have to watch every penny?

If you are looking to build some retirement savings, have free time to build memories with your kids and maybe grand kids and if you are tired of watching every penny in your bank account then this could be what you are looking for.

Let me tell you a little about me..

After some hiccups in my business journey about 13 years ago that led to a corporate and a personal bankruptcy I have been worrying about the size of my retirement fund which is still currently a big fat zero but that is going to change.

I found myself working long hours but not getting ahead in life. My paycheque covered my monthly expenses but that didn’t cut it when it comes to retirement plans – I had to do something. Also I wanted to spend more time with my older kids who are great company and I was tired of sudden, unexpected expenses catching me off guard and wondering where the money would come from to cover them.

Perhaps you are feeling some of that pain too. Maybe you have not suffered a bankruptcy or a business failure but perhaps it is on your mind that in 20 years if you want to retire you are going to be sadly short on funds.

Over Christmas I saw my oldest daughter who is 20 years old. We had a Friday, Saturday and Sunday of just talking like we had never talked before. On the Sunday evening I had to leave as I had to work on the Monday but I was so sad to cut our visit short. I was frustrated that I was tied to a job that dictated my schedule.

Get started – enjoy some financial breathing room

I wanted to find a business that I could start with very little investment up front. I had more time to invest than money but I was willing to put what spare money I had where my mouth was. The FREE TRAINING VIDEOS that I signed up for was a great way to start to invest time into something, before outlying any cash to make sure it was what I was looking for. It turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. It was a great decision.

I make a good salary from my current job as a service manager for a trades company. It is not a great income but it is above average – but I am tired of average. I wanted some financial breathing room and to be in charge of my own destiny.

I have no dental coverage and I chipped a molar tooth quite badly late last year. I had it repaired for over $250 but it also needed a crown for a further $800! Stress, stress and more stress! These are the sort of expenses that really stress me out!

Are you having to watch every penny? Don’t get me wrong I am not suggesting that I now make enough money where I can throw it around – far from it! What I am saying is I made some changes that have allowed me to get my head above water, financially, for the first time in many years – an $800 crown at the dentist is still a painful hit to the pocket book but with some planning is now attainable.

Get started – enjoy some financial breathing room

Like me you may just want more freedom of time. I was looking for more time for simple things in life. I wanted more time to take walks, to read books, time just to sit and think. To live and work on my own schedule. My life consisted of working and then existing. Outside of work my life was dull. I needed to make changes, albeit small, slow changes where I could build a business for myself outside of my day job working hours with a view to quitting my day job when the business would allow.

I am 45 years old. I thought opportunities for people my age to start a business on the internet was unrealistic – internet businesses are for younger, more hip guys than me or for real techies which I am not.

But I learned that in your forties you are primed for success in whatever job or business you want to be in. You have life experiences and wisdom and have made mistakes in your past to learn from.

As the Nike commercial says “Just do it”! So I did.

Here a few people who found their success in the forties and even later in life:

  • Martha Stewart found success with her lifestyle business at 40.
  • Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company at 40
  • Ray Kroc was in his 50’s when he started McDonald’s.
  • Sam Walton was in his mid 40’s when he founded Walmart

20 People Who Only Achieved Success After Age 40

The Possibilities on the Internet are Huge

Have you ever thought about the possibilities of an internet business for yourself? What has held you back? Probably the same excuses that held me back for so long.

Excuses such as… it is too risky. I don’t know where to start. I don’t have any relevant computer skills – I can send emails and surf the web but that’s about it. I am short on money. I am short on time.

The good news for me, and you if you resonate with those excuses is that it’s true there are young, more hipper dudes than us out there whose business it is to get people like me and you into online businesses easily and teach us what we need to know. You really can teach an old dog new tricks.

Get started – enjoy some financial breathing room

10 – 15 years ago there was a lot of hype on the internet about starting your own business and a lot of “get rich quick” schemes – I fell for one or two of those schemes by the way, don’t hold that against me.

Internet businesses and internet selling has evolved and it is where the present and future of business is. I wish I had gotten on board sooner but I am glad I am on board now.

The FREE TRAINING VIDEOS that I found are light years away from any quick rich scheme and there is no hype ! Just learning and applying new skills.

Learn the skills needed

Learning the skills to run and grow your online business are simple. What’s hard is taking the first step and committing to grow your dreams.

Starting a business is never easy but it should be fun. I am so glad I came across the FREE TRAINING VIDEOS when I did and I followed them step by step and now I am on my way to a successful online business.

I am not going to try and put one over on you. I did not make $10,000 my first month. I did not make $1000 my first month.

You are not going to see a picture below of me in a Ferrari or sitting inside my 20 bedroom mansion counting $100 bills. But I have made commitments to the process of growing an online business and I have spent many evenings these past few months working hard to get to where I am today – which is a long way from where was just 2 months ago.

I have learned new skills. I have gained a different mindset when it comes to having an online business. I have gained confidence in my abilities and in myself.

Online businesses make so much sense

No staff unless you want them! No products to sell unless you want to! No office or premises to rent! work from wherever you choose whenever you choose!

I have chosen something known as the affiliate marketing route. I had never even heard of it before. In a nutshell I sell other companies’ products through my own website and I get paid a commission whenever a sale goes through from a customer I introduced to that company.

I do not carry inventory, I do not have any staff and I do not ship any products or have to deal with returns or defective merchandise.

Get started – enjoy some financial breathing room

Lots of Other opportunities

Affiliate marketing is a great starting point and a great way to get experience in the online commerce world.

You have access to FREE TRAINING VIDEOS that will also show you how you can sell your own products online. Yes YOUR OWN PRODUCTS!! It is not as hard as you think and no you don’t need to order a minimum of 10,000 coffee mugs to start your coffee mug business – it really is easier than I thought and I am sure you will think the same.

Perhaps you don’t want to sell physical products but you have a specialized service that you want to market. 

Maybe you have an existing brick and mortar business and you want to promote it more effectively and set up a unique, stunning website to attract new customers and set yourself apart from your competition.

Or do you want to learn digital skills, website building, setting up blogs and sales funnels. Whatever online business or service you can imagine I am confident that you have come to the right place to learn and grow like I did (and am still)!