Not the drinking wagon but the thinking wagon.

If you have read any of my blogs, I am new at this blogging game, you will know that I am trying to change my thinking. I have made progress but still have miles to go.

I spent 12 years after a business loss and loss of my mum just wandering around lost and miserable.

My thinking was all on autopilot. My thoughts just coming and going without any control by me.

I have been turning that around lately, especially this last month. I have been focusing on thinking – really thinking – into my actions, into how I need to do things differently – how I need to unlearn all that I have learnt in my life believing it was correct.

But today, I fell off the wagon and let autopilot take over my mind. My mind was overtaken with thoughts of previous failures telling me that this new online business that I am trying is all a waste of time.

“How much success have you seen John in this new business venture?”

“How much money have you made with this new business John?”

“You don’t have enough digital skills to have an online business”

“Your YouTube videos are awful”

“Your blogging is awful”

Awful John, awful, awful, awful, awful!

That was in my head all day – I had been doing so well with my thinking this really stressed me out that I had fallen back into old ways.

But it is all BULLSHIT! The old me would have listened to this mornings thoughts of negativity, self loathing and fatalist thinking -but no more! I said I was not giving up on this and for the first time in my life I am following through no matter what.

Why am I so confident this time ?

Because I am learning digital skills, I have a website, I have a sales funnel and I have a community of support.

I came across a FREE VIDEO TRAINING series in November 2020 (oh god here we go this guy is leading us into the ole I have these great FREE videos shtick! Stay with me folks) and clicked on the offer. Unlike me to click up until that point but I did and thank god I did.

At 46 I CAN learn digital skills – I am learning digital skills. I have an online business and yes it is early days and I don’t have thousands rolling in yet.

Not YET but I am sticking with this – I will either find success doing this online business or die trying.

If you have had any thoughts like me, of starting an online business or getting some digital skills under your belt then this FREE VIDEO TRAINING could be for you.

I followed the videos step by step and me with no previous skills whatsoever set up a website, sales pages and an email responder. I am like fucking Bill Gates, all I need is a ghastly wool sweater and a thick pair of glasses.

I personally believe that now is the time more than ever to chase your dreams of an online business if you have them. More and more business is being done and will be done online.

This is the technological revolution. Get the digital skills you need to get on board.

Build websites, get into e-commerce, get into marketing like me.

If I can do it anyone can. I know everyone says that I have read it and seen it in videos but believe me sending an e-transfer from my bank account was my biggest technological accomplishment before December 2020.

If you want to take a look at the 4 FREE TRAINING VIDEOS that I clicked on to receive then I can have them sent to you – there is NO COMMITMENT – you may love them you may hate them but at least you will know either way!

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